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The Gardeners Reward Card is our way of saying thank you to all our loyal customers for their support. Membership of our Reward Card scheme means that every time you shop and swipe your card at Busy Bee you will earn points towards vouchers that can be used against future purchases at Busy Bee.


We send the vouchers directly to you approximately every two months and your vouchers will be worth 5% of your total spend here at Busy Bee over those last two months.


You will also receive exclusive special offers only available to Busy Bee Reward Card customers


Strong customer relationships are always a priority at Busy Bee and the Gardeners Reward Card Scheme gives us extra opportunities to meet our customers at the special events and open evenings that we organize just for our Gardeners Reward Card members.


If you would like or Reward Card', simply complete this form and we will post your new card to you.
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Email Address:*
House Number/Name:*
Address Line 2:
Date of birth:* (dd/mm/yyyy)

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